"Amazingly bizarre, and I loved all of it!"

"Stupid funny. Well thought out."

Kitten Bomb Comedy's original and currently retired form, Off Script, originated in the summer of 2018. Based off of the long forms done at the Jet City Theater in Seattle, the form consists of a 45-minute first act and a 25-35 minute second act including a light tech improviser for on the spot stage lighting, and a sound tech improviser for improvised sound effects and music. The form is meant to replicate the structure and viewing experience of a scripted play. Character arcs, emotional impact moments, and a story climax are what makes this form unlike any show you have seen before. 

Off Script: Home Again, Kitten Bomb Comedy's second show at the Stoner Theater, centered around the idea of friends or family returning home for thanksgiving. The special treat was having the crowd fill out secrets to put in a hat, and our characters would use them as their own personal secrets, which helped inspire their every decision. This show pulled over 145 people to the Stoner Theater. The title of this play ended up being "Salad" and ended up with everyone using a character's secret that they could fly, to get away from their awful thanksgiving situation by holding on to that character as he flew away.

"You could tell this was true improv, so funny!"


  The first Off Script was in November of 2018, Off Script: A Night of Improvised Theatre, and was based around a small city hosting an event. With the suggestion of "shrunken heads," and the suggested name of the play being "Little Head, Big Dreams." The show sold out and set the stage for all future shows.

"Off Script made much of this difficult style of improv seem effortless."


  Kitten Bomb Comedy's second show was Off Script: In Space!, and was conceived of in April 2019. The show had a Sci-Fi theme and was performed in June 2019 at the Kum & Go Theater, with another sold-out performance. The suggestions given by the audience were "Nerdblack," "legless puppies," and the suggested name of the show was "Oh No, Not Another Candidate." 

"Creative, hilarious, and a well-rounded story. Superb!"

  Off Script: Scenic Route was Kitten Bomb Comedy's third show, and their first one at the Stoner Theater, part of the Performance Art Center. The show was based around the idea of friends or family going on a road trip. The performance had the storyline of a couple who hosted an AirBnB, but accidentally double booked it!

None of these shows would be possible without our amazing sponsors:

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